Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party Day!

Group photo with our 3D glasses on! Our lively local artfest group loves to celebrate Birthdays. Today we had 4 birthday girls, Patti, Colleen,Maren, and Cindy. Patti provided us with a delicious lunch of gourmet macaroni and a light salad topped with pomegranate seeds.
Lots of presents and wonderful party favors and ornaments for everyone! Our party theme was the 50's and we had saddle shoes, charm bracelets, blue jeans, and pony tails.Colleen made delicious peanut butter chocolate cupckes for dessert.
I love this paper angel with glittery wings on Penny's gift.

Patti's wonderful rock fireplace. She designed her art and basket filled home that is one block from the "World's Safest Beach" in Carpinteria.

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Sunflower said...


Thank you for writing to me about the Art Co-op in Santa Barbara! I really appreciate you telling me. My husband and I will go and see it for sure!!

God Bless You.