Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and Beautiful Springtime!

Had fun putting some bunnies and flowers and eggs into this dollhouse that my grandfather made for my mother and her sister. Close to 100 years old because my mother was born in 1917! I'm told he also built them a playhouse in the back yard with a little bridge and they had a dog named Trixie. They lived in No. Hollywood when there were still beanfields and clear blue skies. My Grandma was an expert seamstress and made all the girls' clothes and hemmed my dresses when she lived next door to us years later. Her name was Minnie Freedom and I loved hearing stories of her childhood on their big farm in Iowa and how she ran so fast through the fields that her brothers couldn't catch her.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Birds and more...

Just finished hooking these two birds....

and sometimes I look in one of my many bird books for color inspiration.

New rabbit I am working on...

Little embroidered mushroom for Spring....

and the owl got a leafy border...

Both boys are home now so more cooking and cleaning going on, but nice to have the whole family together. Wondering if this will be the first year with no Easter egg hunt out in the yard, I did still get everyone a chocolate rabbit and See's Easter egg. We have plans for our nature hike-should be nice with all the wild flowers up here in the mountains.
There is a prediction of rain on Sunday, which we need, so we shall see how it all goes.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring is here...

Here is what I've been doing since I returned from Mexico. Making things for the local shops....Spring rabbits, mushrooms and flowers.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Workshop creations

These are just some of the wonderful creations made by the incredibly talented ladies who attended our workshop in Oaxaca.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oaxaca field trip...part 2

Inside the church there were many beautiful statues..

Our next stop was to a wonderful wood carver and his family. These pieces are awaiting their paint.

The wood carver's home and sales area.

We were treated to a pottery demo from a 93 year old potter who makes everything by hand and fires her work in a pit kiln. We all found some of her beautiful black pottery to take home with us.

A fun stop for a delicious lunch on the way home.

Next day a visit to the Textile Museum with lovely weavings and other amazing displays...

including looms,

wonderful textiles,

amazing costumed wooden figures,

and more embroidered huipiles.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Oaxaca Field Trip

One of the highlights of our trip was the wonderful field trip planned by our trip coordinator, Colleen Darling. Our first stop was to one of the finest embroiderers in all of Mexico, Faustina and her daughter who do incredible work on clothing, shawls and table runners. We visited her home and studio and were awed at her beautiful work.

Faustina, with her awards and a photo meeting the president of Mexico in recognition of her work on the wall behind us.

We visited an old convent and now a museum dedicated to the work of Rudolfo Morales. Loved seeing his art and collections. Our B&B had several of his works in their collection. Below is one of his last paintings depicting his passing into heaven and into the arms of his mother.

We got in a visit to the local market at Ocotlan and enjoyed all the colors and variety of goods sold.

Next stop: one of my favorites! Josefina Aguilar! I have loved her ceramic pieces for many years and finally got to visit her home and studio and buy a few things. Her whole family makes ceramics and live next door, but her work is still my favorite. I got a piece for my cousin, Laurie, and Susan gave me one for my birthday....happy me!

Josefina with one of her pieces.

This is one of the churches that was painted in the colors that Rudolfo Morales designated. Looks like a   piece of folk art. 

An angel in the front of the church...and many more inside.
to be continued....