Monday, October 29, 2007

Hooking again!

Got in a little rug hooking this weekend. Made a crow that still needs to be sewn and stuffed. Need to make some legs and feet for him. Also hooked up a bunch of flower pins for Syd's art show in 2 weeks. For the flowers, I just drew a circle around a pasta jar lid with a Sharpie, drew a smaller circle inside and hooked away. I trimmed the loops in the outside colors to give it a more flowery look. If trimming the loops, hook them higher that normal so they are easier to cut.


Deb's Artful Journey said...

I love those flower pins! You actually cut (gasp) the loops??? Does something bad happen to the hooker who cuts her loops?

Thank you for your sweet comment about me and Gail... you know thats the way we think about you too!



TamboinMO said...

The colors for your flowers are so fun!!!! Love them....can't wait to see the crow all finished up....I have a stuffed crow that has forks for legs....just an idea.
Again, thanks for the inspiration!

Tara Ross Studios said...

love those flower pins, i could use them as buttons on a cool top.

art spirit said...

Thanks for the the forks for legs idea! and it is OK to snip loops, at least I hope so! This book "Beautiful Ragwork" by Lizzie Reakes has some cut loops and other fun hooked projects..

Tammy said...

Diggin' the polka dots, Mary...what are they going to turn into??? :)