Friday, May 22, 2009

Teesha and Tracy visit!

What a fun time spent with Teesha and Tracy Moore on Thursday! They came down to California to teach a workshop and stopped by Syd's Art Clinic and Susan Halme's Solvang Bakery on Wednesday. And on the way to Santa Barbara and the coast they stopped by my little mountain top home for juice and cookies. We got to visit and check out the ancient Chumash Painted Cave near our house. Teesha and Tracy are two of the most creative and wonderful people you could ever meet. They put together Artfest and Artfiberfest and have given so many artists the chance to share their love of art and creating with each other....lives have been changed, wonderful friendships have blossomed, new art directions have taken root and sparked new ideas and inspired new art forms and opened doors for so many of us who heeded the call. Now there is a new venue called Journalfest for art journalers and who knows what else will be next. I will be forever grateful for the chance to teach at Artfiberfest these last few years and hope to come up with a class or two for Artfest for next year.
If you are not familiar with Teesha and Tracy's wonderful art and art retreats, go visit their website for a visual treat: They have zines, rubber stamps, prints and all kinds of cool art supplies!


Tara Ross Studios said...

Yea! How fun!

Syd said...

You said it so well! I agree 100%!!!

susan said...

Wow, Wow, and double wow!