Monday, June 15, 2009

New Cats!

I finished up these two new cats last night. And the girl on the right is wearing my new "Susan Skinner" bug-found object necklace. I decided I had to have it when the numbers were the same as my birthday! (2-3-48)
I am trying to finish up dolls and hooked things I have been working on for Vendor night at Artfiberfest, my best art sale of the year. We leave for Portland, Oregon in one week!

And Good News! Syd and I will be teaching at Artfest next year!!! There is an incredible bunch of teachers coming (Tara, Jill and more) and it will be fun to take classes and teach. The hard part is deciding what to take out of so many choices. I hope you can join us!
And other news....I will have several cats and mushrooms in the new issue of STUFFED! coming out this July 1. And in the Autumn issue of Haute Handbags one of my felted totes will be included.....making me happy and good for the ole self esteem!


Tara Ross Studios said...

Congratulations on the publications!!

You better stop sewing,, your fingers are going to fall off! Tee Hee!

Sheri said...

Mary, congrats on being published again! Those are great places to be featured. I would love to come to one of your classes. But I really doubt if I ever will be able to. At least I can keep up with you on your blog! Great kitties too!

marie said...

Congratulations! I will look for you in those publications!

Mamarox said...

Love the kitties and can't wait to see you at ArtFiberFest. Will I be able to buy a rug hook from you? I can't find one here in the Twin Cities and it's getting to late to mail order one.

Runner Gurl said...

Hey! These must be Hubert's cousins! Love them.

Congrats on the magazine, Mary. I would buy ANYTHING with your work in it.