Saturday, December 12, 2009

Catching up....

We've had a bit of wild weather here...60 MPH winds and freezing temps. and our internet service has been out for days so I am finally catching up while I can. Had a fun busy week. On Thursday we had a Christmas ornament exchange at Syd and Carol's Art Clinic. Lots of handmade ornaments exchanged hands. I got a photo of a few here. Above is Syd's felt Santa...we all wanted one and told her she'd better make a dozen for next year.

This beauty is from Colleen...the tiny center heart is from Mexico.
Love this collage of Syd's that she is working on for a calendar.

And back to last are some shots from the opening of the "Go ask Alice" show.
Loved these crocheted treats and container with embroidered messages.
Two best friends holding my cupcakes...
Some of my fabric mushrooms on Cimi's fabric tree.
A lovely Waldorf Alice and rabbit next to my two linen rabbits which I've heard have sold!
Two of Cimi's fun dolls...
The Tweedle brothers...
A great show opening! Lots of folks came and bought stuff. Delicious tea from "loop and leaf" and Cimi put out lots of yummy treats to go with the tea. A fun evening for all.

Here's the driftwood tree made by Greg. We had a fun Holiday party with lots of friends and Kate made lots of good things to eat. Had fun talking to someone from my high school days, then off to the Alice show.
Did one more Yarn tag at Goleta Beach. This tree now has two of my afgan tags. Can you find it?

And now I am back to rug hooking. I am making something for our rug hooking gift exchange this Monday night. Photo soon. Missed you all....and glad to be back!

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Marie said...

We missed you too!
The gift exchange looks like a lot of creative fun!
Glad you are back.
: )