Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Pumpkin

Last week I put a bunch of my hooked pumpkins in my Etsy shop and they all sold! So I got busy last night and hooked up another one. This guy is a little larger and measures 7" by 8". I ran out of stuffing and need to get down to the store and replenish my supply. Hope to make an even bigger pumpkin tonight if I don't get distracted by all the other projects awaiting me.

I was doing some errands on Saturday and just stopped into the Pottery Barn to see if they had anything fun for our Thanksgiving table. I like to put candles and fun pieces of folk art for the boys to look at...anyway I spotted this little set of forest creatures and had to bring them home.
I have rug hooked each one of these before....a few hedgehogs, several squirrels, and lots of owls.
Right now I have a blue jay and several squirrels outside my window playing in the oak trees!


grace said...

Mary, What cool candles! Mr. Pumpkin is soooo Halloween-I wish I had time to decorate so i would have an excuse to get him!! Hugs!

Marie said...

Those are sooo cute.
Love little fat and bunch-ee hedgehogs. :)