Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day walk

 Here's my latest hooked rabbit just in time for Easter.
 And in honor of Earth Day here are some photos of the flowers (and horse) that I greet on my daily walks up here in the mountains.
 Shooting stars, one of my favorites! We have lots this year.

 This is Ranger, a horse with attitude. I feed him carrots every day and he can tell if I still have one in my pocket.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Planning on taking a picnic hike at Jalama or Figueroa Mountain with my boys after our Sunday Easter egg hunt and brunch.


Sandie's Patch said...

The rabbit is so realistic! You are talented!
When I read 'shooting stars' I thought you meant meteorite showers!
Sandie xx

Orange Sink said...

Love that rabbit! He looks like he just hopped out of Mr. McGregor's garden!! I am in awe of those beautiful flower's Mary! Thanks for taking lots of photos on your walk. Your friend who eats carrots is one charming fellow....... Happy Easter Mary!
Cathy G

The Barn Door said...

Oh my gosh I want that bunny, he is fantastic!!! Love all the pictures too! Thanks!