Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy week..

 It's been a busy week around here for me. I am getting ready for a show here in Santa Barbara and hoped to have 3 "caged dolls" ready by Saturday. I have two almost done. This is my mystical owl mother doll. The bottom is a bamboo lampshade that I attached lots of odd things to. The other doll is more traditional...a Santobelli that I started at Artfest and have been working on all week. I am off to work at our store so I thought I would get in a quick post.
 This fun package arrived this week from Selvedge Drygoods store online. They were having a sale and I couldn't resist buying a fabric necklace from Sophie Digard. I wore it last night to the movies.

 Two hooked creatures that are on their way to New Hampshire for Patti.

 And the bluebird got some legs and went to Patty in the Bay area.

My husband took me to the Moody Blues concert for a special treat. Lots of fun, mostly old people like us enjoying some of our favorite music from times past.


Marie said...

Regarding the Moody Blues..lHey we are not Old Mary, we are like fine wine...we are getting better! :) lol!
Love the owl and the new hooked creatures and of course your bird...fabulous! <3

bethiejw said...

I like the owl.