Friday, June 24, 2011

what was I thinking?

I can't believe how many dogs I made! These guys still need to have their ears sewn on, but at least I got them cut out this morning. I like to do hand sewing in the evening so hopefully I can get that done tonight.

More works in progress. Looks like some bunnies and other creatures made from linen.

 Soft kitties close to being ready for new homes....

These are the painted muslin owls that I started quite a while ago. I need to sand them and then paint them again before doing the fun detail work. And then of course get some legs and feet made with wire and paper mache.

A better photo of the cupcakes....I took the other one late in the day and the colors were more muted.
Still need to put pins on top so they can be used as pin cushions.

Enjoying using these fun tin boxes for a place to keep some of my button collection. I got the top one at Artfest and then the small one at a book store in Berkeley. Tiny buttons are in the small one that I use for eyes on my wool creatures. They have fun messages printed on them all over.

My front yard with the wool dogs on my pink quilt and Henry the cat watching. Maybe I will actually sit outside and try sewing some of those ears on!


K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

really cute! love the dogs. love the cupcakes too!

Marie said...

I really enjoy stitching outside when I can. I can actually see much better and enjoy the sounds of nature.
You have been busy! Whew! I know you will do well at the show :)

Claire said...

Oh those dogs are so cute, particularly love the spotty one.

What a job sewing on all those ears........

Sweet little tins too full of button treasure.

Claire :]

dulcy said...

All those little earless doggies in a pile are just the sweetest! Love it all, and those button boxes are darling. I must also comment on those cute stuffed elephants in the post below. Adorable!! Mary, thanks for your sweet comment to my bday post.

Isabel said...

How can you work so fast? it would take me a month to make all those.
Love them!They are really cute