Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Eastern Sierras

A few quick photos this morning....Mono Lake shot from a moving car.

The old mining town where we stayed with the wonderful natural hot springs...

Scenic rock formations on the way to Lake Lundy....
I am off  to the beach for the day..too hot to stay home!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Miramar?? Thats where we used to go when we lived there. Great swimming beach..
Great picture of Mono Lake. It looks absolutely prehistoric!

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!
When you see big places like that It makes you realize there is a lot of mystery and magic to this world and we are just a small tiny spec in the scope of it all.
Hope your trip was restful : )

art spirit said...

Beach time at Hendry's and Goleta-closer to home, but love Miramar, too.
A nice restful trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mary
Just wanted to pop in to say and thankyou SO much for the package I received from you this week. It was such a lovely surprise and made my day :). Laughed out loud at the kitty sticker of kitties' felting'. Thanks for the beautiful cards and the brooches too (gave Jacky the owl one and she loved it). And many thanks for the gorgeous fabrics. Have already use some of them in my cloth I am making in Jude's workshop.
Big hugs to you. Dot xx