Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meanwhile, back at "Just Folk"......

On my last visit to "Just Folk" in Summerland I realized that there were quite a few hooked rugs that I had failed to photograph. So for you rug hookers out there here are some more antique hooked rugs from their incredible collection.  Enjoy!

I showed a close up of this rug before but look how large this one is!
And I just love the subdued colors and design with hearts.

And I just had to include some more of the wonderful folk art....

My second visit was last Friday night to deliver the doggie wreath and attend the opening reception for artist Harry Underwood, pictured above. His show titled "Reveries and Recollections" is a wonderful collection of this Nashville artist's work.  The brochure says, "Harry Underwood is a poet and a painter, a dreamer and a realist." "I like to paint the absurd and the profound, and eat frozen waffles..."
I had a great time and got to chat with Harry about painting and art.
 'Just Folk' always has the best refreshments and for this show the local Burger Bus served both mini beef and vegan burgers with yam, water and Coca Cola!


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

What a great shop! I could spend a long time in there, thanks for the photographs. Love the little wooden friends.


art spirit said...

Thanks for your visits and comments, Lorraine!

Marie said...

sigh and swoon!....
Just Folk is a "must see" if I ever get that way.
Harry Underwood's paintings are fabulous.
Thanks for showing it all. <3