Sunday, July 22, 2012

A visit to Montmartre with Will

One of the fun things about blogging and the internet is meeting up with wonderful artists whose work you admire. Just before leaving on our trip I received an email from Will, an incredible quilt maker and blogger- called "not so zen-quilts in Paris". 
She said give me a call when you are in Paris. We did and Will graciously gave us a tour of Montmartre where she lives. This is where the fabric stores are located as well as lots of fun little shops that we had never heard of. We all found some fabric to take home, had a delicious lunch at her favorite spot and were treated to a special showing of her amazing quilts while sipping tea she prepared for us.

This was one of our very favorite shops. Handmade little things and great fabric....we all found things to bring home. 

Another fun place that Will directed us to with all sorts of cool stuff from vintage dolls, buttons, eyeballs and jewelry. Called " Tombees Du Camion" - a bit like our Art from Scrap, but better!

Will shared many of her handmade quilts with us.  Many have appeared in a magazine called Quilt Mania, all beautifully hand quilted!

Susan and Colleen admiring her lovely work.

Fun fabric choices, many vintage fabrics she has collected become a part of her quilts.

Had to show you this amazing piece of beadwork. Will found this at a thrift store.

Heading on our way to the metro live music was playing in the town square as we passed by. A lovely way to spend our last day in Paris before we took the bullet train on down to our workshop at
 Les Soeurs Anglaises.


Marie said...

What a fun day...
The shop with the little bits of "this and that" looks
like so much fun to rummage through. I immediately thought of Julie Arkell's adorable charm bracelets.
Thank you for sharing your adventures in Paris...
I feel like I was walking right along as you were describing your day : )
xo <3

Pixie said...

Oh how wonderful,,those quilts are a dream...i admire anyone that can quilt, something (as yet}i dont have the patience to do.....
Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I had left already - that shop would have had my already bulging suitcases explode.

It is on the list for next time. There WILL be a next time.

Claire said...

How wonderful to meet Will and have a guided tour of Montmarte. Her quilts look amazing......and
Tombees Du Camion looks like a shop where I could happily spend a lot of time and money!!

Claire :}