Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big pumpkin

Last night I finished hooking this big guy. It has a sort of primitive look I think. 
It's ready to take to "Imagine" tomorrow. Measures about 12" by 11" tall and took over 6 hours to hook.

Here's the back. A soft orange wool blanket backing and felt heart to cover up the opening.

And while I was delivering some things to Imagine yesterday they showed me my cat in the new issue of "Season's" magazine. 
Off to the Art Clinic today....happy stitching!


Grace said...

Love the big pumpkin! The bigger the better-that's the way we like it in Texas! Have a great weekend. Hugs!

Hazel Terry said...

:-) smiley textiles, lovely.

dulcy said...

Wonderful pumpkin Mary! I don't know Seasons Mag. I was just at Barnes and Nobles yesterday.... I'll have to check back and see if they carry it. Would love to see it!


Marie said...

your little cat makes the picture in the cheerful!
I always love your hooked pumpkins.
Happy weekend :)

Anonymous said...

it has a great prim feel to it, this one..

bet it sells quickly..

Mary Stanley said...

thanks, everyone.
Marie...Seasons is just a local magazine (free) for visitors and tourists to Santa Barbara. So probably won't find it in any stores on the East coast...sorry!