Saturday, December 15, 2012

fish and other things...

I made these funny linen fish the other night. Just my first try and I see some things I need to work on-like better tails. The linen was hard to turn, too thick, so I will use thinner fabric in the tail area next time, if I decide to make more! Still they were a fun and quick thing to make and could be fun with different fabric or some of my wool felted sweaters.

New hooked owl on the left, posing with a friend.

And this fox wanted his photo taken before he flew off to the East Coast.

Newest squirrel that went to live in Texas. He is eating an acorn.

At my last show I got an order for a hooked "Virgin of Guadalupe".
I had a perfect image from a calendar and drew up my design. I am almost done, have a few hours of work to do. It's needed before Christmas so I think I am doing OK.

And just had to show you the cutting board that son Jason made. This is his second one. I was amazed as I didn't know he was even interested in woodworking. He is also working at our store now a few days a week which really helps out. I am happy to have a Saturday off...and so that's why I am blogging and not selling plumbing supplies today!
Lots of projects I need to work on...Have a good weekend!


Jacky said...

Love the fishies....and yes, I think they would look great done in your felted wools.
Mr. Foxy is gorgeous as is everything.
Lucky mum having your son make you that beautiful cutting board. Artistic flair from his mother showing through there I think.

Sending you Christmas Cheer!

Jacky xox

Pixie said...

Oh the fishes are glorious love love em,,,,hugs pixie xxx

dulcy said...

I love the fishies! What a great idea. Also, your son did beautiful work on that board. I know you must be very proud!


Grace said...

The "Virgin of Guadalupe" drawing is so well done. I bet it turns out fantastic. Super cute fish too! Love all your work Mary!

Dot said...

I could see your linen fishes in felted wool too and love them in the linen. Mr Foxy makes me smile. And the cutting board is stunning. Am still smiling after receiving your package yesterday.
Much love to you.
Dot xx