Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dia de los Dulces show at Art From Scrap

Here we are..yo, Syd and Colleen in front of our altar..

Such a fun evening at our show opening last Friday! We set up the show and the staff at AFS did some colorful decorating. We made a Day of the Dead altar to share with visitors and had live ukelele music for the entire evening.

These are some of the pieces that I made for the show. We were all busy for the month after our return from France getting ready and creating new work.

We all decorated sugar skulls that were sold to benefit AFS.

Friends and family came to join in the fun...

Art director, Mary Price, center, dressed in her finest Frida attire and organized the best show ever.

Thank you everyone for joining us for the opening on Friday!


Jone hallmark said...

I think that you ladies know how to do it!!!
I am so impressed....and find myself wishing for a trip to CA.
Maybe Sue will move out there and we can ALL play together!! It would be incredible!

BIG love to you all......notes coming soon.
Hug each other for me, okay?

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks, Jone! We all would love for you to come to the West Coast so we can PLAY!
Much Love to you!