Friday, April 11, 2014

Off to French General for the Springtime Rabbit Workshop

I've been busy preparing to teach my rug hooked rabbit workshop at French General in Los Angeles for weeks. Drawing over 20 patterns, putting on frames, cutting over 2000 strips of wool, writing and printing directions and resources, and hooking little gift pins have been a part of the preparations. Then this week I decided to dye up some nice wool to sell in case the new hookers wanted something to take home to play with.

linen burlap patterns on wooden frames...

we will be making a little rabbit..

I hooked up another sample for color ideas...

and got the little pins ready for tomorrow. Hope to get some photos of the workshop in action.  My art pal Syd McCutcheon is coming along to help, so grateful for her company and the new hookers will be too!

Hooked up a new heart just for fun.

And a new wolf couple posed out in the front yard for a photo.

Boy bunnies went to our shop, the Art Hus in Solvang just in time for Easter baskets.

Hope you have a sunny and creative weekend!

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Suzanne Reynolds said...

Wonderful work, as always! I would love to take that class sometime.