Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cool stores in Berkeley..

On our way back from AFF we made several stops for cool stores we had heard about or been to before and needed to check out once again. While on our way to "Tail of the Yak" we found a good fabric store on Shattuck Ave. called Stone Mountain Fabrics. They have lots of classes and rooms of fabric. They had some beautiful velvets and silks too. On the same street there is a large Art Supply store with just about everything you might need. We bought a few things and headed up to the "Tail"..Here we did more damage...this is an exquisite little store. You have to ring a bell to get inside. Great cards and displays and I bought a book with the art of one of the owners, Lauren McIntosh. Love her art. She has a show in Palo Alto Aug. 1-Sept.30 at Stellar Somerset Gallery and I am hoping to get up to the Bay area to see it.

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