Thursday, July 06, 2006

Velvety bird purse....

I am continuing to work on my "Teehsa" velvety bird patch purse that I started before AFF. I plan to line it with some cool fabric and put more little fabric patches on it. Having a little trouble with puckering after sewing the "bird patches" on first...should have embroidered first and sewn on later....but I tend to do things sort of backwards...oh well, learn as you go...
I have two commissioned works to do as well...a fun fabric portrait of an art teacher's daughter and a hooked seat pad for a 90 year old art friend of my mother's.
And of course after AFF my head is swimming with ideas of other things I want to do!
Speaking of swimming, my son Justin and I are off to the beach to go boogie boarding and cool off. The only down side is walking to the water in my black tank suit! When I get into the water I feel like I am about 10 years old again and embarass my son by making squeals of joy when I catch a wave.

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