Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Birthday presents for the art girls...

This week I am working at the Hardware store while our regular register lady takes a week vacation. I was sent to do errands for the store so I grabbed the chance to see if the "Crop-o-diles" were in at Violet's Rubber Stamp Inn. They weren't in yet but the sweet lady in charge, Jana, showed me the new books that had just arrived. So I ended up buying Terry Taylor's, "artful paper dolls" for our birthday girls tomorrow...I took a quick peek today and it is full of fun color paper dolls from many different artists, plus vintage dolls and some history. I've always loved paper dolls. I played with Betsy McCall, Katy Keene and my mother always bought me paper dolls as a "get well" present when I was sick and had to stay home from school, which wasn't very often. I loved the bride set that I had and one with "real" hair. Anyway, I posted a couple of pages ...LK Ludwig and Henry Geldzahler's for a little peek...Lots of other people you will recognize...Michel de Meng and Pamela Hastings. When I was teaching kids art classes we always made articulated paper dolls. I had the kids put their own photo on the doll to personalize them..they came out great...we collaged and rubber stamped the body and if they had time, the kids colored and embellished with glitter, feathers and other stuff. I'll see if I can find the one my son,Justin made and take a photo.
Jana also showed me a set of new collage papers from Catherine Moore. I thought that Pepa might like them, so more birthday goodies for her. And I posted a photo of a little embroidery that I did for the other birthday girl, Susan B. She has horses and dogs and cats and birds...and she makes amazing dolls...so we will be off to party tomorrow at Pepa's cool house of many colors! She even has a labyrinth in her front yard and a wonderful garden. Can't wait!

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