Thursday, August 03, 2006

LA Gift Show...

On Sunday my husband and I visited the LA Gift Show to see if we could find some new products for our Hardware store. Found a few things that would work for us, but the best part was the whole downstairs section called Kentia Hall. There, the booths of all the International traders were bustling with shoppers and buyers. Lots of wonderful Mexican folk art and African and Indian importers of everything imaginable.
Got to have a little chat with the lovely Anahata who had a booth with her wonderful Papaya! cards. I missed seeing my Santa Barbara friends, Penny, Syd and Colleen who were there too, but the place is HUGE!
I only bought a few things: A fun bag made from a Guatemalan embroidered top, some felt beads, and 2 felt key chains.
Haven't gotten much art work done this week. Trying to clean and sort stuff in my art studio...a major task....but I did get Gnome No.2 he needs a squirrel friend to keep him company.

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Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Ok Mary... I will have to bring Gnomie to AFF 07... to visit your new Gnome creation!!!