Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Afternoon Walk on the Beach

After all the Christmas morning festivities were over and the boys were happily playing with their gifts and Dennis enjoying his football games...I took the time off for a meditative beach walk. Beautiful skies, friendly folks strolling, kayakers and scuba divers all enjoying the balmy weather and low tide greeted me. This is my favorite walking place for the last few years. Easy to park and I can take a good brisk walk while breathing in the fresh salt air. I usually go out to the end of the Goleta pier first, look at the Channel Islands and for any dolphins or seals, then start back and either go to the right towards UCSB or to the left and down the coast to a tar covered point that has little nooks and crannies that I like to leave little shells and rocks in and see if they are still there on my next visit. Sometimes there are hand made structures of driftwood, creative little hide outs that rarely survive the high tides of winter.
So I had a good hour long walk and along with the beautiful sky I found some other interesting the strange melon below....I thought it was a watermelon at first but the stem looks different, so I don't know what it is but I liked the pattern on the skin. And just as I was heading up to my car I spotted this pile of sand...I thought it was a sand castle but on closer observation it was a Sand-snowman! He even had a carrot nose! So that is what we do in Santa Barbara when we don't have snow for Christmas. After my soul restoring walk I headed home to make dinner and join the boys for an after dinner movie. And like my friend, Syd,, over there on "Art Nest", my husband gifted me with a new computer, my first laptop and I love it!

And it seems that the seagulls and pelicans also enjoy the pier, if you notice the railing behind me!

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Syd said...

We are 2 lucky geeky women!