Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our Holiday Party for Rug Hookers...

We had our monthly rug hooking meeting and annual gift exchange at Penny's "house of wonders"... Penny and her husband, Wayne, are both photographers and multi-talented artists and have put together a home-gallery that you can spend hours just enjoying all their collections. I have been there many times and I still find little treasures that I've missed somehow..or maybe Penny has rearranged things since my last visit. Anyway, we got the business part out of the way and had hot mulled cider and proceeded to open our gifts. Many hand made delights with a few store bought ornaments and trinkets. I was totally amazed to be given a hand hooked pillow by my friend, Pepa!! She created the most wonderful Mermaid complete with a real mirror and comb! She knows that I love mermaids...I have a mermaid bathroom and when I was growing up I played mermaids in the Pacific Ocean when I wasn't riding the waves with my trusty surf mat.Pepa is busy with her first grandchild so I especially appreciate her hooking this for me. Not only that but she put a Peruvian mermaid ornament on top!
I posted a bunch of photos of Penny's home for your enjoyment....and I actually have more! After our gift exchange we had Anne's delicious chocolate cake. She also made us a little cookie treat bag. The cookies were stamped and frosted with the image of Mary...the virgin of Guadelupe, so cool. I'd show them, but I already ate them, sorry.
Other presents included handmade aprons, a felted snail (large!), jewelry, art books, pez dispensers, a beautiful felted scarf and more! What a wonderful group of women to share with.
We discussed our plans for next year and what to do with our dues..($20.yr.) and disappeared into the frosty night happy and smiling and loved.

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Tiff said...

I came across your post while searching for penny rug projects and I must say you are very lucky to have such a wonderful group to share your joy of rug hooking with. I too love to rug hook and would love to have a group of my own. I am planning on a neighborhood craft night once a month, so I was just wondering how you came across putting together your group?

Tiff tcupps at
PS, Love your squirrel and crow!