Tuesday, June 10, 2008

old quilt!

I love the fabrics in this old quilt that I found at the local thrift store. I just washed it and have it outside drying in the sun and thought I'd show you some of the odd fabric designs. I also love that the back side is PINK! I have it on my bed in the winter in case I need 2 quilts up here in the mountains.
And below ...the doll bodies that I am currently working on...

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Tara Ross Studios said...

You must be so proud. I am glad I got art from Alex when he was little. He lost his ambition for art when his right brain kicked in! lol!

Love the doll bodies, I will be asking you soon how to finish the backs.

Love the quilt, you are lucky to find one in a thrift store, I have never been able to find one here in a thrift store.