Monday, June 09, 2008

playing with felt...

This is the felt vessel that I made and didn't want to show last night I needle felted it and it looks better. I think I may still do some more embellishing...either stitching or more needle felting. It won't fit into my new Embellisher...I was thinking of trying the machine out on it..but I think it works best on a flat surface. I did use it on the following piece. First I needle felted the Chumash Indian designs from a cave that is in walking distance from our house...and then I put it under the Embellisher to see what would happen. It really felted it...but I lost a little of the detail of the designs. So now I think I may want to do a little hand embroidery to bring back the detail of the cave paintings. This is for Tricia's fiber exchange (4 "x 6 ") that I found online. The theme is ancient symbols so I went with something close to home. I have always been fascinated by symbols...ancient and this was a fun challenge. We have until the end of I have a little time to make it a bit more interesting.

And here is our first artichoke! We have a container garden on our deck filled with various vegetables and a few sunflowers. It's always fun when things begin to show this little artichoke and the green tomatoes and baby lettuce.


Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Mary .... I just spent some time looking at your blog .
There's so many things to comment on .... but for now ... just wanted to say I love the bird book from your March post !!!!

and thank you so much for looking at my blog and leaving a comment
It's so much fun to see what everyone is doing

Nice to meet you Mary
I'll be back !
Thanks !!!

Tara Ross Studios said...

i love it that you have symbols so close to your house. How cool is that! Your project looks fabulous.

I won the hooking frame on ebay hope to have it very soon. I'm so excited!

Cindibee said...

Another wonderful little project that makes me want to get involved in needle-felting. I need to stop visiting your blog, lest I come away with more projects than I can handle. Or is it already too late for me?

Anonymous said...

That looks great! perhaps some seed stitching or beads near the top! :P Lovely color combo.