Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun evening at Art From Scrap!

Huge inflatable atop the Art From Scrap roof for our Art Event and silent auction.

Wonderful decorations made by Jeanette watched the party from above.
Like big sock dolls...such fun..all made from recycled items from the shop..
Outside on the patio there was a spot set up to take photos by Bob DeBris...complete with costumes and props to play with...everyone had fun with these.
Three heartthrobs!
Young swashbucklers!
Julia Ford's sweet piece for the show. Loved meeting her...always admired her work and nice to get a chance to chat.
Judy Nielsen's fabric flying fun and funky!
Kathy Snow and me with my piece "Fiber World" behind us.

We had a great evening at the Art from Scrap silent auction event. There was music, food, wine, free photos and lots of artists and community members showed up to bid on the fiber assemblage pieces created as a fund raiser for the non-profit gallery, shop, and educational space featuring all recycled goods for schools and community artists to share in. Holly and her wonderful family were there. Syd, Carol, Penny, Wayne, Jeanette, Judy, Julia and many more came to enjoy the festivities. I stayed to see who would take home my Fiber World piece and the amazing thing was that the high bidder turned out to be someone from my distant past! Kathy Snow, who is on the Art from Scrap board of directors and who has lived here since 1969, grew up in Pasadena and our mothers were friends and in a wonderful circle of artistic women who gathered at the home of Audy Lou Colvin in Sierra Madre where all manner of creative things went on. We had such fun reminiscing about the past and promised to get together again for lunch to finish catching up. And I'm so happy that Kathy is going to put my piece up in her mother's home here in Santa Barbara.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

So nice to see photos of the event, thank you for sharing. I love your fiber piece and how it is all connected to a wood frame(?) It looks wonderful. Isn't it a small world sometimes. It's nice to know the home where your art is going.

I love your finished animal piece below.

Keep sharing,,,,, I love to see what you are up to.