Monday, September 22, 2008

Three dolls and Sunday at Lake Cachuma

I finally finished up these 3 hooked dolls, one more to go that has an embroidered face.
Close up of bird girl.
Another close up...
And here is where we spent Sunday. Lake Cachuma is just about 2o minutes away from our house. Dennis, Justin and I had a nice relaxing day on the water in our boat. Dennis caught 2 fish, and then carefully released them, Justin got to drive the boat, and I got some sun and read a bit.
When I got home I worked on two hooking projects, a crow and a small heart.


Sheri said...

Mary, Love your dolls.

Morna said...

I love the dolls - although how you manage to work after a day in the sun on the water is beyond me. I think I would go straight to nap time. As for the government shenanigans, thank you for sending people to my blog to read all about it. I've actually started a new blog, for the political stuff - you can link to it from Bittersweet - the new blog is called Wrapped In The Flag (quoting Sinclair Lewis). Thank you for your very special support. :-)

Art4Sol said...

I love all the things you are a real talent....and you just keep on going and going.
I'll visit again.