Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend in San Francisco!

Fresh sunflowers greet us on our morning adventures. Colleen, her sister Susan, Syd, and I took a "girls who turned 60" trip to San Francisco for the weekend to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the MOMA (which closes on Sept.28)...and do some fun shopping and dining about town. We stayed at the SF Hilton, a great location for walking to the Farmers Market, Union Square and Chinatown. We did a lot of walking which was good because we found a lot of great food to sample. If you are anywhere in the area go see the Frida show...really an incredible collection of her work that included a short film clip of her and Diego. We were all moved to tears looking at her work and reading and listening to her story. Many thanks to Colleen for organizing our trip and Susan for driving the whole way from Santa Barbara and around SF, not an easy place to get around!
We got great dining tips from Colleen's son, Chuck. Dinner at the House of Nanking was soooo good! The line out the door was a sign that this was the place to eat! Each dish had such flavorful sauces that we were in taste bud heaven! I will definitely go there again.....
We spent a very fun day exploring Valencia St. with its fun little neighborhood favorite one I think, was called Laku, a store of whimsical delights...lots of handmade fiber creations by Yaeko Yamashita....a must visit if you are anywhere near by!
fun store on Valencia St.
Window of Little Otsu, a great card and journal and more... store on Valencia
Art for sale on 18th st.
We sort of stumbled onto this block party as we were on our Valencia St. adventure. It was such a beautiful day in San Francisco that everyone was enjoying the sunshine with babies, doggies, kids...the whole block was closed off and food and drinks were served in the middle of the street along with music, dancing and just having a good time. This great poster was in every window and was made by Rex Ray.
fun little shop on 18th st....
Oooh...this place has the BEST ice cream in the world!!!! the line was at least 20 people long, out the door and down the sidewalk waiting to get a little taste of organic creamy goodness. I had salted vanilla caramel, mexican chocolate, and malted vanilla with peanut brittle ice cream in a cup...on a hot day in SF...Excellent!!! (Back to my diet on Monday!)
art in the co-op art gallery on Valencia St.
Old hardware store on Valencia
Movie poster...this looks like a fun movie... Hi Brad!
crow sign on Valencia St.
Delightful crepe paper flower baskets at Castle in the
Air....a wonderful shop over on Fourth St. in Berkeley...
window of Castle in the Air...Berkeley
Colleen and Syd enjoying our lunch at Cafe Rouge in the fourth street area of Berkeley....very tasty, wonderful freshly baked bread and I had some raspberry lemonade that was soo good.
Tale of the Yak, a wonderful store in Berkeley on Ashby....closed on we just peeked in the windows....
In the window of Tale of the Yak....
A very excellent ice cream shop in Berkeley...our last stop before heading for home....simply delicious..homemade crepe cones baked right there and unique flavors like Earl Gray, rose and pistachio ice cream...yummm....another line up the block but worth the wait.
Fun little crocheted ice cream cones hanging in the window of "Ici"...I want to try and make these! What a great girl trip we had....highly recommended!


Sheri said...

Mary, looks like you girls had a great time. The shops and the food look fantastic. And how lucky to stumble upon a street party!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Oh what fun!...I was born & raised in S.F. so its nice to hear about the places you went to visit...thanks for sharing.

Tara Ross Studios said...

wow, what a great weekend. I love all the photos. You girls are so lucky to have each other too. Thanks for sharing.

susanbuchanan2 said...

i got hungry reading your SF posts. yum.