Monday, February 09, 2009

Heart Week!

I am officially declaring this "Heart Week"! With Valentine's Day coming up and February being my favorite month, I will try and post heart photos from things in my home every day this weeek. Anyone who knows me knows that I love hearts and by now I have quite a few, so get ready ....sending out lots of LOVE to everyone this week....(and beyond!)
First photo: hearts from friends.
One of Syd McCutcheon's heart paintings. I bought 3 of her heart paintings at the first Queen of Arts Show at her home that I went to. Syd and her daughters are all amazing artists that continue to amaze and delight me with their wonderful creations.
A wooden bird with heart that sits on my kitchen window sill ...
Two quilty hearts that are now in my Etsy shop....
Tokens of affection...wonderful heart charms by Thomas Mann, one of my favorite artists and designers!
and here's the progress on my little fabric piece....I've managed to stitch somethings on most every night before bed.


Morna said...

Love your hearts and your little fabric piece, too!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Love all your hearts and your little fabric creation.