Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mushrooms are ready!

I think the little mushrooms are ready to fly off to San Francisco to Sonya, who organized this fun swap. We have forty mushroom lovers signed up for the swap which is now closed, but I am loving seeing what the others are making. There is even a special "flickr" group set up to see what is being created!
Group photo. I did a little more stitching, put a felt border on the bottom so that they will stand up better, and a little "necklace", just for fun. Had to take a quick photo before the rains start again!
Wouldn't this be a great Art Studio? Found this greeting card the other day, called "New Home" by Persimmon Press.


Mary lin Huskamp said...

What fun!!! This are darling!


Cookie said...

Yay, I'm another Sonja, but in the Mushroom swap, too! Mine are not done yet, but you've motivated me. They are darling!

Cookie said...

HA! I posted under my daughter's name, so I show up as Cookie...Oops.

Syd said...

love, love, love them!

Tara Ross Studios said...

You can never have too many mushrooms. Love the napping kitties too!