Monday, March 01, 2010

Little hooked pins

Just for fun I hooked up a few circle pins. May take these to Artfest with me.
And I got the hooked hearts finished up and they will go off to "Muse" soon.
Just fooling around with some of the linen in my fabric stash and came up with these fiber necklace charms. I think I will still do a little more detail work on them, maybe add a button or bead somewhere....but fun and quick to do.


Kristin L said...

Definitely keep going with those charms! Lots of potential there. :-)

Jacky said...

Love those fabric charms...they are gorgeous just as they are (and I am sure if you add extra embellishment even more lovely).

Those hooked pins are gorgeous lucky you are to be going to artfest!

Jacky xox

Marie said...

The round hooked pins are so adorable. The little bird is really cute and love the spiral too!
Those linen pins are great.
I am sure you will do really well
with all of them!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Sure admire these cuffs, and everything else!