Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Little owls

A basket of little felted wool owls that I am working on. Still need to sew the eyes, beaks and some wings on. I received a whole box of felted wool sweater squares that my friend Annie was using to make quilts out of. I thought I could just "squeak" a little owl out of the small size and it worked. I also have some little bunny rabbits made out of some of the squares. I am thinking of making a group of "cashmere" bunnies, too...hopefully in time for Easter baskets.


Anonymous said...

that basket is a hoot! actually it's full of hoots!!
they are soo cute...i love them..and it's great that you re-purpose sweaters like that...way to reuse...and recycle!

ciao bella

Dot said...

These are adorable! I have seen the gorgeous bird you made for Elizabeth Armstrong and love your work. Beautiful!

Jacky said...

oh Mary... you have stolen my heart with these wonderful little owls, I just love them! (Of course I am well know for being biased towards owls).
I have just made a little owl using wool for his body too for a friend who I dont think would like my brighter fabrics. Not felted wool from jumpers though (just an old skirt).
Are you going to sell any of these as I would dearly love to buy one.

Jacky xox

Marie said...

Love the idea of cashmere bunnies!
The owls are adorable. I get complements everyday on my heart pin.
I have a red coat and I put it on that so wherever I go I have it on
:) <3

Heather said...

I just love their little faces... they all look so startled and intelligent!


I seeing "owls" everywhere at the moment ... yours are very cute x