Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun night out

Tuesday evening Dennis and I had a fun night out. We had a quick Mexican dinner at Los Agaves on Milpas St. and then got to spend several hours at the Santa Barbara County Bowl with lots of other folks our age (and younger) enjoying the music of James Taylor and Carole King. They played and sang together, did their own hits, danced, jumped and rocked the night away. So fun to see performers my age still having fun and dancing like kids. Joining King and Taylor on the tour are their original bandmates guitarist Danny Kortchmar, drummer Russ Kunkel and bassist Lee Sklar. Back up singers included Arnold McCuller, Kate Markowitz, and Andrea Zonn.
The program called this a "once in a lifetime event" marking a rare concert experience bringing two of the most beloved singer-songwriters on tour together for the first time in four decades.
I am still savoring all the good music and joyous energy of this special show.

I think this is Carole singing "Natural Woman"....she looked great and danced in high heels!
Just had to show you our midnight visitor! This little raccoon likes to come in the kitty door and sample the cat food. If I don't the get the kitty door closed he will come and make a big mess.
I think I will put a raccoon on my rug hooking list to go along with the owls, squirrels and rabbits.
And back to rug is the back of the hooked heart-stuffed and sewn up.
Next I cut out a smaller heart shape to cover the stitching.
And here it is stitched on. The front needs a little more embellishing so I'm not quite done with this project yet.


Marie said...

Oh, lucky you...I bet James Taylor and Carole King were fabulous!
Racoon's are so cute but, they can be mean and make a mess. I love that idea of putting a heart over the slit in the back. (one of my favorite personal symbols :)

dulcy said...

I am envious! What a great couple to see together in concert! Hooking a raccoon is a wonderful idea.... I have one coming to the screen porch door and stares in. The cats go crazy when it visits!

Colleen said...

wasn't it a wonderful night!!!
I am still singing.....

Angela said...

Oh, how lucky! Glad you and Dennis had a fun night out. You too work so hard and so long!

Those raccoons, you give them a finger and they take an arm. Didn't you have one coming into your house once, who climbed up the walls when chased by the cats? May be it was some other neighbor in the Painted Cave...

Angela said...

Sorry for the typo, I meant "you two" above.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Great way to finish the heart back!! How wonderful to go to that concert ~ it had to be very fun!