Monday, May 10, 2010

A new squirrel

I've been working of this little guy in the evenings. When I get a few things hooked up then I will sew them all up and stuff them.
The crow got finished. I am making some yarn wrapped legs for him and I will show you how I made them later this week.
I got into a stamp carving mood last week and made the 3 on the right. Hope to use them on some new ATC's for our meeting this week. I made the little ones on the left 2 years ago for Artfest ATC's. I cut an eraser in half for those. The Mastercarve block cuts nicely and I used that for the new ones. I think I will try stamping on some fabric this week, too.
This is just the beginning of my vintage suitcase project. I was inspired by my friend, Syd's painted suitcases and found this one at the thrift store covered in contact paper. I removed the paper and painted two coats of pink acrylic paint. Today I started to decorate...these are just sort of background designs. I will post more as it gets worked on. Old suitcases are a great way to display your work at art shows and easy to pack up when its time to go home!


Marie said...

How clever! I have wanted to create some of my own stamps but was not really sure what to use to create them. I have used potatoes in the past but, I have always wanted something I could keep...Thank you for the information.

Morna said...

Love your stamps!