Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Odds and Ends....

 I think this little art quilt is finished. I started it months ago and it re-surfaced recently. I was ready to do some more stitching and get to the next project.
Don't you love surprise gifts? I do. This wonderful crocheted rock was waiting for me on my kitchen counter when I returned from my daily walk. My friend Kate, who is an amazing crocheter and knitter among other things, was in the neighborhood and left it for me. Thanks, Kate!
And what is this strange thing you might be asking? Well, it is an animal cell made out of fiber for my son Justin's biology class! He had to make a 3D cell using materials found at home and this is what we came up with. Everything had to be sewed down so it could be turned over to see the names on the bottom and Justin spent half an evening arranging parts and sewing them into the felted structure. I keep asking him if his teacher liked it...so far no word. Below is a picture of what the cell was supposed to look like and all the parts that had to be incorporated.

 And look who keep sneaking in our kitty door looking for food! A mama raccoon and her 3 babies.
They make a racket and a big mess and I have to chase them out. For some odd reason our cats don't seem to mind them coming in and sort of look the other way.



For the Love... said...

The art quilt is beautiful and you son's project is a great idea for completing an assignment for class.

grace said...

Mary-What a great art quilt! And as a biology major and a textile lover the 3D cell is fantastic!

Angela said...

Sweet little quilt, I love it!

I guess you've got models for your next hooked creatures. You've already got the raccoon color palette from the owls and now you've got the raccoons themselves parading through your home so you can take their likeness.

Yael said...

This is almost like three different posts Mary. First - what a sweet little birdie quilt!
Second - what a wonderful idea and execution! Very good son of Mary! Nice job!! And: what DID the teacher say??
And third - what a bunch of naughty fellows! Yes, cute to look at them and the least you can do is to 'hook' them up, like Angela said!!

Dot said...

I love your art quilt (your art is always so cheery and inspiring). A lovely gift from your friend - the rock must be lovely to hold. An your son's 3d cell is fantastic - he is very talented like his mum.
Dot xx
P.S Those racoon's are gorgeous (if pesky!)

A Creative Dream... said...

Oh my gosh, what cute raccoons! When I was young a momma raccoon was killed on the road in front of our house, it happens sometimes when you live in the country. She had a young one with her, and it came home to live with us. He came and went during the day as he pleased, never straying very far... and stayed in the house at night where he liked to cuddle, until he felt comfortable moving out on his own. He never did move too far away, chose to take up residence in a dog house near one of our barns. It's completely inadvisable to do that, but at the time, with the vet's help, it seemed the only thing to do. To this day I adore raccoons... even if they can be a bother.

I hope your son's project definitely gets an A... it looks like a job very well done!

Kristin L said...

That is a totally awesome cell!

Marie said...

OMgoodness! What amazing little house "guest"...I am surprised the cats looked the other way..perhaps they felt out numbered? Great Science project. I have been helping one of my daughters gather components for different class projects. Our next one is a monster for science. Love the crochet rock...on my "to do" list. I am amazed at all the art you create :)