Friday, February 17, 2012

Ten owls

My friend Jeanette was cleaning out her art studio and gave me a nice big bag of thickly felted sweaters that she decided she wasn't going to be using. Out of one sweater I managed to make ten little owls.
These guys still need some wings and a bit of embroidery on their chests and then they should be done. Hopefully I can put some in my dusty Etsy shop. It has just been easier for me to cart things off to a wonderful little store here in Santa Barbara that sells some of the things I make than driving up and down the mountain to the post office to ship things. But I enjoy buying art and supplies on Etsy so I think I should at least participate too!

Anyway here is what the owls looked like a few days ago. On top of my bedroom bookshelf with other unfinished items including some chenille bunnies from last year!

And I am having fun doing a little painting and collage...and small seems to work for me right now.
So these are getting their background painting done so I can work on them when I can grab a moment or two.

I hooked this a while ago but don't think I ever posted since it's February and the month of hearts....
a little message to me as a reminder...


Dot said...

Hi Mary. Your owls are gorgeous. And I am sure they would sell well on etsy. Love the heart on the far left hand side of your banner too! Dot xx

art spirit said...

Thanks, Dot! Time to open up the shop again.

Morna said...

Love these owls ... would make a wonderful counting game for children if you sold all ten as a group ... also loving your new banner. :-)

dulcy said...

Those owls are the sweetest! I believe those would sell like hotcakes in your Etsy store! Love the pink heart!