Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tiny cottages

I started these wool cottage pin cushions at least a year ago. I had the goal of making 10 for Artfest vendor night. I think I finished up 6 and sold them. These have been sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to finish them up. I finally got in the mood to play with them. I think I still have a bit more to do but it seemed like a good day to take them outside for a quick photo. The first set are appearing in the latest issue of "Stuffed" magazine but I haven't seen the issue yet. I will let you know when it arrives!
I also have some fabric flower pins coming up in the latest issue of "Sew Somerset"scheduled for June release and that's exciting too.

Another project that finally got completed.....I made these mushrooms years ago....they got painted except for the white spots. Why, I don't know..but it felt good to finish them up and they seemed to be right at home with the little cottages.

This is the back of a journal cover that I am working on. I got the beautiful indigo paper at Anthropologie last year and now found a way to use it. It's funny how sometimes the back side is just as interesting as the front.

And here is Jason's cat watching while I take photos....the cats always want to see what I am up to.


Dot said...

Love your little houses Mary! And I use the pin cushion you made for me every day. The black kitty pic made me smile..xx

Pixie said...

oh the little cottages are just should make a whole village ;)x

Marie said...

Cats are so curious...our little kitten follows me all day, when it is not sleeping, It watches everything I do. Too funny! Your little cottages are adorable. It reminds me of some of the homes up in the hills there. Gorgeous.
It does feel good to finish those old projects. Like a big sigh or a big gulp of fresh air. : )

dulcy said...

I just LOVE tiny cottages, houses, doll houses.... you get the picture. Yours are simply darling! I agree with Pixie, a little village is in order! Also, such sweet toadstools and kitty....