Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back across the Bay....

Had to stop into "Castle in the Air" for a visit! Another of my favorite places. I got to chat with Ulla Milbrath, a wonderful artist, teacher and blogger  about Blue fish clothing and other things while Penny checked out the stores goodies. 

Another "must visit" store is Tail of the Yak. Such beautiful displays...I bought a few paper garlands and lanterns for my studio and Penny found some fun things too.

Back on Fourth St. we stopped in at Crate and Barrel. We don't have one where we live so it's always fun to see what's new in the design world. Penny found some nice black and white plates and I just took some photos of things for inspiration.

A fun pillow full of embroidered circles..

more pillows.

and can't miss on a breakfast at Bette's Diner!

The Ethnic Arts store is an amazing place full of folk art from all over the world. Rooms full of hand made sculptures, textiles, furniture, plus jewelry and the nicest women owners. I put in an order for a David Marsh table for our new breakfast nook. My husband converted our old laundry room into a fun nook off our almost remodeled kitchen. The nook has been finished except for the right sized table for months now. So hoping to pick it up when we go back up to Berkeley for Jason's graduation in May.
Justin has taken over the nook for doing homework and eating on the "Costco" table because I can't seem to ever get the dining table uncovered with all the art supplies, sewing machine, paint and felt!

Senior prom this Saturday for Justin, so I will be working at the store and missing Teesha Moore's workshop at the Art Clinic...
I will survive! and stop's just that Teesha is one of my favorite people. She has encouraged and changed so many artist's lives in so many ways through Artfest and Artfiberfest and sharing her wonderful art and ideas along with Tracy, her husband that when she is this close by it's hard not to want to take her workshop.

Anyway.... a few more photos from Ethnic Arts and then back to regular programming...I did finish 6 foxes, some elephants, and pin cushions to deliver to Imagine. Still addicted to Pinterest, help!!!

Have a great weekend!


Marie said...

You have the best shops around!
: )
I am always amazed how much you get done.
You are such an inspiration.
My new favorite thing: Pinterest
Thank you Mary, I am hooked lol!
I love creating my own world there and l-o-v-e
your pictures.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Oh Mary!
Thank you for posting all those pictures of Tail of the Yak! I feel as if I was there., that window too with the rose garland out of paper?
And always seeing things there you never do anywhere else, like Berkeley itself. One of a kind in every way.
Great post!

Pixie said...

Wonderful pictures as always Mary, looks amazing.
Pixie x

art spirit said...

The heart garland was ina fun store on Valencia St. that sells every kind of paper garland from they do special orders. Tiny paper garlands to large plastic ones with all kinds of themes. A fun place to visit.
As always, thanks so much for your visits and comments.