Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

Lots going on around here on Lookout Road! I made lots of rabbits for Easter sales at our local shops. These are just a few of what I delivered  in the last week or so. Sorry to have been a lazy blogger but we have a kitchen remodel going on with a wall torn out and I decided to take the loft back for fabric storage which entailed a paint job and lots of cleaning and moving of stuff. And I also have to blame "Pinterest" for totally distracting me on the computer! I am having too much fun looking at all the interesting art that I keep discovering. I'm sure I will back off one of these days, but somehow I can't stop from checking in to see what's new several times a day. 

Some little linen-wool bunnies with vintage aprons sitting in the ivy outside.

One more hooked rabbit got completed and awaits a new home.

I finished up some more hearts that I had started before Valentine's Day. Some have sold already at a local shop, so I guess hearts are an all year round gift.

Our local Trader Joe's has beautiful daffodils for sale right now and I just had to get them to brighten up the house for Easter. Our jasmine vines are blooming right now too so it really feels like Spring around here.

Of course just a few weeks ago we had snow! Son Justin (18) had me take his photo for FB with the snow man he made in our front yard. He just had all four wisdom teeth taken out last week during his Spring break and has healed quite well. He has his Senior Prom coming up this month and needs to decide which college he wants to go to. I think it's between UCSB and UCLA in electrical engineering, so we'll see what he decides. Older brother, Jason will graduate from UC Berkeley May 18 and that's exciting too.

This Thursday I drove over to Solvang to see my art pals and their new store called the ART HUS. It was Penny's day to manage the store filled with all kinds of wonderful handmade art and paintings.
They did a beautiful job inside, all freshly painted and artfully arranged. Be sure to visit if you are in the Santa Ynez Valley!

Some inside views of the Art Hus.

Hope you all have a sweet weekend, a chocolate bunny or two...

I will be working Saturday at the store and then Justin gets an Easter basket on Sunday and Dennis want to go to IKEA in Los Angeles....sounds good to me! Put in your orders soon if you want me to bring anything back!
See you on Pinterest!


Pixie said...

Oh Mary i know what you mean,,Pinterest is so just get lost in all the wonderful images.
And the bunnies are just brilliant, i so love your blog site, as every picture you take is always so bright and colourful.
Pixie xx

Jacky said...

Busy, busy, much to see here. All of your bunnies and hearts are gorgeous!!! Especially love those little linen/wool(?) ones.
The Art Hus looks fabulous, very colourful and full of creativity. It would be fun working there for the day.
Pinterest...I havent ventured there. I'm bad enough with the computer as it is!!!

Happy Easter to you and your family Mary.

Jacky xox

Tammy Burks said...

Your rabbits are ADORABLE!!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm so happy you posted about Art Hus, which is close enough to get to for a turn around from home!
Thanks Mary, love your header for Easter.

grace said...

Hi Mary,
You have the best blog on the internet! I love the bunnies-I think I see one in my future.
Happy Easter! Grace

Peggy said...

Those bunnies are destined to become velveteen rabbits.

art spirit said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! Checking in from our hardware-plumbing store...and wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Claire said...

Hey Mary what a wonderful post full of interesting and creative snippets......

Love the bunnies and hearts......I always want to grab my bags of fabric scraps and a needle and thread and start stitching after reading your blog.

Gorgeous Daffodils, they never fail to brighten and cheer things up.

Great to have so much inspiration and talent gathered together at Art Hus. Wish I could pop over and visit!!

Claire :}

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love the art in that shop! I follow you on Pinterest and when I open the page, I can pick out your pins ~ always so colorful, fun, and funky!

Syd said...

Thanks Mary for the shout out! Have fun in San Fran!!

Angela Brackeen said...

Hi Mary,
I found you through Jude Hill's SpiritCloth blog. Just wanted to say I love your work. I'm a writer now, but had I seen your work before, I might've used the needlework skills I've gained over my lifetime to follow you!
Happy creating!
Angela Brackeen