Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy stitching....

Still busy making things for our workshop in February. These are some necklaces made from a Japanese scarf that I found in my fabric basket. I cut out the flowers and made a "yoyo" and stuffed it with cotton and did a little tying and stitching with embroidery thread. The leaves are from the same fabric.

Four little pouches for necklaces and a background piece that may end up on a bag of some kind.

Another bag made from an old needlepoint piece given to me by my neighbor, Sharon.

And while trying to do some uncluttering  I found this velvety piece that I need to finish up and make into a bag. I started this so long ago I don't even remember the year!

So now I need to get some more hearts made for the shops I sell in.
 Just started working at the Art Hus in Solvang. Lots of fun handmade art and crafts by local artists. come visit us if you are nearby!


liniecat said...

Gosh I adore those little flowery yo yo's! Inspired!
And the velvet looks stunning too lol

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Love what you're making and your use of squares...the stitching and appliques. I'm very fond of that little calendar piece. :)

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks so much for visiting! Fun to use those linen vintage calendars for something....great thrift store finds!

teesha said...

mary...those japanese flower necklaces look so adorable. your work always makes me happy. miss you.

Marie said...

Love all your amazing goodies!
It must be so much fun being around all that
If I am ever that way I will come say "Hi!"