Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wolves, cats, & owls...

These funny wolves with hearts are  now downtown in a cool little shop called "Imagine."

And these two soft wool cats joined them, just in time for Valentine's Day...coming soon.

I was fooling around with some felted wool and decided that it would make a fun bird purse!
May do some embroidery on the wings...but a fun new project.

Actually the owl started it! This is an owl purse...the top opens between the "ears".

Made many hearts out of some ethnic embroidered fabric. Small, medium and large...some are now in a shop in Santa Barbara, and some for gifts...

And this amazing antique quilt came from my neighbor, Sharon. She found it at the bottom of a box given to her by a 93 year old woman and many of the things were from her mother! I love the colors and nice feather stitching. Some of the fabric is very thin and coming apart, but over all very lovely.

Back to finishing up some more hearts for Santa Barbara and Solvang and getting ready for our Workshop in Oaxaca!  


Green Morning said...

I'm in love with the wolves holding hearts, so cute. The quilt looks great too, hopefully you can fix it:)

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks! Not sure how to fix the quilt, it's so old and worn. Need to show it to an expert!

Yael said...

I love your new header Mary!!!!! :-)

Marie said...

Oh my...I simply adore the ethnic fabric hearts!
The quilt is a real treasure.
You always come up with so many cute ideas for the shops.
Have a happy, great week xoxo

dulcy said...

I LOVE your new banner! Also, all the creative goodies you've posted here. I think Valentine hearts are such a nice change after the Christmas holiday season. Feels a bit springy!


Grace said...

Love all your creativity! Your blog is so lovely and inspiring. I look at it every day - I just can't get enough! Hugs and Happy Birthday!

JENNY BAIO said...

Oh my! It has been way, waaaay too long since I have stopped by. I am missing out on so much goodness. Just scrolling down and gazing at photos: I see yummy stuff!

pepine said...

Absolutely lovely!