Friday, February 08, 2013

the Art Hus and Birthday time...

I spent a couple of days working at the Art Hus in Solvang this week. I am one of the newest members of a co-op shop filled with wonderful handmade art and crafts from local artists. I put my cat and owl in a basket filled with Colleen's lovely handspun wool. Pamela's heart collection hangs on the wall and I got to meet her in person, which was great. We share an interest in printmaking and had fun talking and sharing art ideas. Another nice thing is being next door to a wonderful lunch spot called "Panino".
On a cold day the artichoke bisque soup with fresh bread was heavenly!

More of my stuff is perched in a bookcase shared with Barbara, Sue and others.

Some foxes, hearts and a few cupcake pin cushions added to the mix.

Some of the hearts that I've been making and taking to the various stores where I sell.

Little white linen hearts, now at the Art Hus. I put some lavender inside, just because.

Lots of vintage buttons and some stitching and a bit of lace....

And guess who had a birthday??? Yes, that would be me! I asked the boys for some flowers and a bit of chocolate and they came through! That's my favorite Julie Whitmore tea cup on the kitchen counter where I admire it (and use it) every day.

My son Jason picked out these lovelies for me...

My men folk took me out to lunch at the Bacara on the Pacific Coast above Santa Barbara. This lovely arrangement was in the lobby.

A happy (and older) me at the Bacara...we had lunch sitting outside with this view.
And today it is actually snowing...brrrr!

A peek at the front of our house...a few owls, gnomes, and mushrooms...rosemary and hummingbird sage.

And now back to stitching with Mr. Henry next to me. He is sleeping on a baby quilt I made for Jason 23 years ago.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Those chocolates look yummy!
I actually have a little something I have wanted to send you! I found it at my local quilt store and I immediately thought of you.

Love love love all the goodies at the Art Hus! and the artichoke soup sounds divine!

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks, Marie! Always appreciate your visits and love your stitching, so inspiring!

Pixie said...

..Happy happy birthday lovely lovely Mary...
Hugs coming your way through the air..