Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oaxaca field trip...part 2

Inside the church there were many beautiful statues..

Our next stop was to a wonderful wood carver and his family. These pieces are awaiting their paint.

The wood carver's home and sales area.

We were treated to a pottery demo from a 93 year old potter who makes everything by hand and fires her work in a pit kiln. We all found some of her beautiful black pottery to take home with us.

A fun stop for a delicious lunch on the way home.

Next day a visit to the Textile Museum with lovely weavings and other amazing displays...

including looms,

wonderful textiles,

amazing costumed wooden figures,

and more embroidered huipiles.


bohemiannie! art said...

lovely photos

Yael said...

Mary I LOVE your new sweet header! What a bunch of sweeties!
And your trip was full of excitement and meetings of wonderful artists! I enjoy the tour you are giving us! :-)

Mary Stanley said...

thanks for coming along with us!

Marie said...

So much to see! So many different artist. I am always amazed at how creative so many people are. Thank you for sharing the pics of your trip. xo