Sunday, September 01, 2013

Off to France-Les Soeurs Anglaises for a workshop with Jessie Chorley

Here we go again! Taking off on Monday for a two week visit to France! First, a fun 6 days of stitching and shopping and wonderful food in southwestern France with my travel buddies, Syd, Colleen and Susan. Then back to Paris for museums, food, gardens, and what ever else we find to do.

I quickly put together a travel journal so I can record our adventures.

Will add it to my pile of other fabric journals. Taking some water colors with me and will see if there is time for a little painting..

Saturday I drove down to a wonderful store called PORCH near Carpinteria.
The owner is a friend and I saw that Mary Emmerling was going to be there to sign some of her books.
I have always loved her style and so it was fun to be able to visit with her and her friends...who have the most wonderful turquoise jewelry! I bought one of her books, "The Art of the Heart" which has wonderful photos of hearts of all kinds.


Then back home to finish packing for our trip. See you in two weeks!
Happy September!


José María Souza Costa said...

Passei por aqui lendo, e, em visita ao seu blog.
Eu também tenho um, só que muito simples.
Estou lhe convidando a visitar-me, e, se possível seguirmos juntos por eles, e, com eles. Sempre gostei de escrever, expor as minhas idéias e compartilhar com as pessoas, independente da classe Social, do Credo Religioso, da Opção Sexual, ou, da Etnia.
Para mim, o que vai interessar é o nosso intercâmbio de idéias, e, de pensamentos.
Estou lá, no meu Espaço Simplório, esperando por você.
E, eu, já estou Seguindo o seu blog.
Força, Paz, Amizade e Alegria
Para você, um abraço do Brasil.

Jone Hallmark said...

I want to come visit and see all the shops you love!
Hope your time in Paris was AWESOME and that the rain stopped long enough to toodle around and see great things.
BIG hugs to you, dear Mary! We will be in touch, I just know it! so happy to have met FRANCE!
We will be back.....


PeregrineBlue said...

dearest mary, are you back yet? cant wait to hear how the workshop turned out in france. can we get together when you come back? i think it's about time we hooked up.

Mary Stanley said...

I'm back! I need to post some of the wonderful photos of our trip and would love to get together...