Sunday, September 29, 2013

Workshop field trips-les soeurs anglaises

We took several wonderful field trips to some of the little villages near by.

Inside one of the shops with vintage clothing and lots of embroidered pieces. I found a simple linen nightie to take home with embroidered initials on the front. Several baskets of linens with 5 and 10 euros each were my favorite spots for bargains. 

Some of the vintage work found at Ali Baba's brocante...

Local shop cat posed for fleas this time...

time for a spot of lunch....

This is inside Ali Baba's brocante-thrift store! A wonderful barn like structure filled to the brim with everything imaginable. There was a beeline for the linen and textile section upstairs, but there were hidden items to be found in all the nooks and crannies in every room.  It is a bit overwhelming but I managed to find a few embroidered pieces and Jone found me a great little tin that came home with me.

The amazing roof at Ali Baba's....

and hollyhocks still blooming outside.

On Day 4 we arrived at this medieval marketplace now turned restaurant for our evening meal.

 Tables were lined up underneath the tall wooden ceiling for Friday night diners.

Our group filled up a nice long table and we chatted as our orders were taken by the patient waiters.

We got to know our fellow travelers as we shared stories of family, friends, and favorite places. We even moved seats several times to mix it up a bit...

All the food was artfully prepared and fresh and tasty.

I think this was the original well for the longer in use.

and couldn't resist a photo of a local cat enjoying the late day sunshine.

Then back to our home at L'Espace for more stitching and dreaming.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

loving this!

Jone Hallmark said...

I am really enjoying your posts, miss Mary - thanks!
Nice photos, for sure, and you are capturing the days so well.
I don't have many photos, but even so, haven't made it up to the studio to post anything....sigh....

Love to you....xo

Mary Stanley said...

Thanks for your visits..!More to come...

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Lovely memories indeed:)
The acorn caps arrived safely and have already made it into the Vintage Fairy Tales!
Huge thanks for thinking of me Mary
Have a great week