Monday, May 01, 2006

Birds, nests, and cats...

Last Friday was foggy and damp and I got to stay home all day and make stuff. I had a great time working on some fiber "nests" that I hope to take with me to the Gallery at Artfiberfest in June in Issaquah, Washington. Teesha Moore, the founder of this wonderful event puts out an invitation to the attendees and teachers to create and bring something to the Gallery to show, share and sell if you want. This year the theme is "Eggs and Nests" I couldn't resist. I made 2 nests with wool and yarns and twigs, whatever I could find around the house. One I hooked loosely so that I could "felt" it later with hot water. I am still waiting for it to dry completely! I sort of molded it over a bowl from the kitchen to give it a nice nesty feel.. the other one I am still working on. I tried using my basket making skills to sort of sew it together.
And I had so much fun working on the hooked bird...that I hooked about 7 more! I hope to sell these at Artfiberfest during Vendor night. And the little cat pillow just had to have some whiskers.

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