Friday, May 12, 2006

Tiger, dolls and toadstools...

I finished up the 3 toadstools today and thought I'd pose them with a funny little creature that I made out of recycled sweaters. And 3 more hooked dolls that I made and while arranging them, our cat, Tiger came to investigate. One doll has a small feather in her hat that was too much for Tiger to resist.
Today is the school Carnival...theme is Wild, wild West. I painted a large wooden backdrop for the 6th grade Sponge Toss..the principal and others put their face behind it and the kids get 3 tosses per ticket. To keep it simple I just did a cactus with a cowboy hat and crow on top...Hard to believe this is our last carnival at Mountain View!

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Tatterededge said...

WOW! The dolls are just *SO* cool! I love the one with the swirl!!