Friday, May 19, 2006

Squirrels, gnomes and other stuff...

I'm still in my art making frenzy. Stayed up too late trying to finish my little Mr. Gnome. He still needs some black buttons on the front of his jacket, but I could only find one the right size, so I need to get some more before he is really done. I thought Mr. Gnome and the squirrel needed to be photographed together in the garden so here they are. Also posting a photo of some fun little signs I hooked for artFiberfest. Will have to come up with a hanger of some sort. If I have time I will do some more words.
Our little local Artfest group met this week at Cindy O's and Susan B. showed us how to do a light bulb shrine. I am still working on mine but will show it when I'm closer to being finished. These women are all so inspiring and I truly love being with them all. It's great when someone brings a little show and tell that they have made. I've learned so many things from this group; each person has unique gifts and talents that they generously share with everyone. We can also practice our projects on each other that we may be teaching in the future, seeing if things are do-able and work out in a group workshop setting.
And this week I finally got all of the Global Art for Peace projects sent off. Now they are on their way to all corners of the globe...well, a few corners, anyway.We received our piece from Morocco yesterday and it is a sweet little piece of crayoned hands connected together and it came with a CD of Moroccan music. The kids loved it! It has been a really worthwhile project for everyone involved.

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