Sunday, September 03, 2006

Project underway...

For about 12 years I made and sold hand painted wooden clocks every Sunday at the Santa Barbara Beach Art & Crafts Show. I made all kinds of clocks: stars, alligators, hearts, chili peppers, ladybugs, cats, dogs, surfboards, frogs and turtles, pretty much anything I wanted to make. When we bought our Hardware and Plumbing store I "retired" from the Beach Show to help out at the store. So, last week I got a call from one of my previous customers that she desperately needed a clock for a new baby. The other kids in the family had their own clocks and would I please make one more?? I hadn't made the kids' clocks for about 2 years now, but I thought. "well, why not?" So here is a butterfly clock for the baby's room. I still have to paint the numbers on and install the quartz clock and hands, but it is almost finished. I will try and post the finished product tomorrow.

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