Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting ready for Easter...

I finally went up into our attic and brought the Easter box down. I made lots of baskets a few years back and decided to put them to good use. My boys still want an Easter basket this year so there is work to be done. And Justin, 13, says he still wants to go on our Easter egg I will be hiding eggs in our yard on Sunday with the help of Dennis. I have to count the eggs to be sure that they are all found because we get pretty creative with our hiding places....up in trees, hiding in boulders and tucked in honeysuckle and jasmine vines. Some of the Easter goodies in the top basket I found at Maxine's near Seattle on last years trip to Artfest. The other eggs I have been collecting since the boys were young.I'm sure that I have more rabbits around the house somewhere, just have to round them up!
Still recuperating from our finishing up an owl that I started hooking before I left...will post when I finish his face and feet.

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runnergurl said...

This post made me hungry for chocolate bunny!
: )